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Providing a professional, reliable & safe bed bug treatment service.

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We are not just another pest control company. We are experts in the control of bed bugs, providing bed bug control, detection and monitoring for hotels and homes in London, Leeds, Hull Sheffield, Manchester, Blackpool, The Lake District, Scarborough, York and across the UK. Our treatments are guaranteed to be safe and 100% effective. Bed bug treatment prices are typically half of the price charged by the UK's best known pest control company.

Pestek have been providing bed bug treatments, bed bug detection and bed bug monitoring across the UK since 2008. Technicians hold qualifications including the RSPH certificate in pest control / pest management and the IOSH qualification in safety management. We are full members of the BPCA British Pest Control Association and registered with BASIS. the professional pest controllers register.

Our bed bug control process starts with a bed bug heat treatment. This is followed by the application of a series of carefully selected insecticides and completed with the installation of bed bug monitoring devices. Treatment of a 3 bedroom house can take a full day to complete, the whole process is repeated 3 times at 14 day intervals. Compare this to what is offered by our competitors and you will see why we are so successful.

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Our bed bug treatments provide great value for money considering the level of service we provide and are less than half of the cost of a treatment from the larger national pest control service providers. Hiring us to deal with your bed bug problem could save you hundreds of pounds. Our process utilises heat and residual insecticide it also includes the installation of monitoring devices. We provide a complete bed bug control solution not just a quick fix.



The time for the treatment to be effective will depend on the severity of the infestation. If bed bugs are noted within a few weeks of exposure it is possible to be clear the problem straight away.
Our price structure is simple we charge a fixed price per visit. The number of visits will depend on the severity of the infestation. A light infestation may be cleared with one visit a more advanced infestation may take three treatments.
Bed bugs are becoming increasingly resistant to pesticides. There is however one thing that bed bugs are not resistant to and that is heat. To speed up the eradication process we use a super heated dry vapour. We are are the first company in the UK to use this technology.